You may not know me now, but you will.

I do not own photos unless stated otherwise

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Today I am ready to talk to anyone interested in change. I know exactly what it feels like to work for someone and not get paid what you’re worth. I was able to change my entire situation and i couldn’t be anymore pleased with life! MESSAGE ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HOW I FIRED MY BOSS AND HIRED MYSELF TO A FINANCIALLY FREE LIFESTYLE ALL BEFORE GRADUATING COLLEGE! I’m %100 serious and now i have the platform to achieve my ACTUAL dreams. Please don’t let your ego be bigger than your bank account. INBOX ME or you can even text me at (678) 471-4744. Change your life!
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My mega puff :-)

That hair!
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This is bae. :)
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who dis goddess
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"You may not know me now, but you will"


I don’t understand our generation and this “just talking” thing… Maybe it’s old fashion of me to actually want to date a person and attach an actual title.

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Bold Disposition Part 1 “Freedom in Darkness”
Shot by T. Shoots
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The mane
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Nerdy pants